Don’t Forget the Lawn!

Due to the mild weather many of us have continued mowing throughout the winter as the grass has continued growing, but caring for your lawn properly in the winter will ensure that come spring time, it flourishes once more. Here are some tips on winter lawn care:

  • Dig out large weeds such as thistles and docks..
    Remove fallen leaves and debris from your lawn. Thick layers of debris can suffocate and weaken your lawn during the winter
  • Once the weather warms up it is a good time to over-seed any areas damaged over the winter or patches worn thin last year
  • Due to damp conditions many lawns will be suffering from a moss invasion, consider how you will treat this, mid- to late March will be the time to apply a spring fertiliser and mosskiller during fine weather
  • Try not to walk on the grass too much if it is sodden  or at all if there’s been a frost.
Don’t Forget the Lawn!

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