Available May – June – July

Our summer hanging baskets are generally ready from mid-May onward when we will have a colourful display to greet you when you visit the Nursery. Every year various sizes and types of baskets are filled ready for sale, all expertly made up on site with our healthy home grown plants. Each year we plant to a variety of tried and tested plant mix ‘recipes’, with new recipes devised to accommodate new plant varieties and colour schemes each season. We would be pleased to advise you on sizes and styles of basket to fit your needs as well as giving advice on the care of it. Choose from hanging baskets available in wire, wicker or plastic.

We generally fill and hang our baskets for approximately 2 weeks before they are suitable for hanging outside, so if you request a basket to a specific colour scheme rather than buy from our ready-made stock, we would be pleased to make these up for you and hold them until they are ready to go outside. Orders are welcome in any quantity, combination or colour and we can also offer a delivery service for large orders.

We use top quality compost with water retaining agent and slow release feed,  the best start a summer hanging basket needs,  the rest is up to you buy and enjoy. With a huge selection to choose from we are sure to have something you will love.