About Us

The business, formerly known as Busy Baskets, was started over 25 years ago by Susie Bond and over the years Susie built up an excellent reputation for supplying quality plants and hanging baskets and patio containers made up to customer requests and for ‘off the shelf’ purchase.

We took over the Nursery in November 2015 and have continued growing quality plants and producing beautiful hanging baskets and patio containers. We haven’t sat back on our laurels though, we have trialled new varieties in both Summer and Winter baskets to give you even more choice, established an extensive perennial and climber range, including some rare and unusual items.

As growers, Purely Plants are able to offer different and unusual bedding plants, including old favourites no longer grown commercially as we aren’t reliant on the mechanised growers that supply most of the garden centres. We can offer you excellent quality and choice of colours, together with sound advice on growing and planting schemes for your gardens.

We are a bio-control Nursery. This is managed by a combined method of cultural control - putting the plants in the right place, controlling the water and growing them carefully, and biological control. For our biological control we use nematodes mainly for vine weevil and slug control and apply parasites and predators to control any insect pest populations. In the main for insect pest control we use ladybirds or rather their larvae which, have a much greater appetite for aphids than the adult. We do not use any pesticides as we appreciate the varied wildlife that both visits and lives on site and play their own part in controlling the pest population. We are always happy to advise on biological control for use in the garden.

But despite what we do, we still love to hear from YOU, our customers, to tell us what you want…. because at the end of the day it is you that we are growing for!