About Us

Our business was started over 25 years ago by Susie Bond and over the years built up an excellent reputation for supplying quality plants and hanging baskets and patio containers made up to customer requests and for ‘off the shelf’ purchase.

We took over the Nursery in November 2015 and so are now in the second season under new management. We aren’t changing much of what the Nursery has been doing for the last 25 years but we will try to add new ideas and maybe venture into some new areas. Ultimately we will rely on YOU, our customers, to tell us what you want…. because at the end of the day it is you that we are growing for!

As growers Purely Plants are able to offer different and unusual plants as we aren’t reliant on the Dutch suppliers or larger mechanised growers that supply most of the garden centres. We can offer you excellent quality and choice of colours, together with sound advice on growing and planting schemes for your gardens.


Andy is the one with the greenfingers, having been raised on a family salad and cut flower nursery in Cambridgeshire, he then went on to college where he studied commercial horticulture. His first  job was working in the plant breeding department of a UK seed company. From there he joined a wholesale tree and shrub nursery, working on container shrub production, supplying local authorities, landscapers and garden centre outlets. After a spell, he returned to the seed company, taking responsibility for the new young plant department (at the start of the plant plug market) and was also responsible for the plant trials department (growing the company’s varieties alongside competitor varieties). Following this Andy worked for Ball Colegrave, one of our main suppliers, as a technical sales representative and later set up a Retail Nursery, growing for retail and wholesale markets. His Nursery displayed at Gardener’s World Show, where the BBC used the stand to host their TV program from. He then moved to Oxfordshire and ran Jiffy UK, then set-up a soft landscaping and consultancy, advising on planting schemes for estates through to small gardens and finally on to Busy Baskets.


Barbara, who covers the weekends (and night-shift!) deals with the admin, organising and behind the scenes stuff as well as overseeing the herb and perennials sections and assisting with the young plant production.



Jo has been with us since 2015. She owns up to never having been a passionate gardener, but has learnt an awful lot in 12 months and is always ready with a smile to help and point you in the right direction.



Paul, who was involved in the early days of Busy Baskets and stayed on for a year to help with handover, has decided to clean the compost from under his finger nails and move on to pastures new. We wish him success in his new venture and a big thank you for all of his help during 2016.